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    Sunk Cost Fallacy, Always Free

    I am happy to see that more Dynamics Software colleagues are writing with digital pens, share experiences and create nice and informative stories. Read more

    Productivity Paradox

    The first blog I am writing since a remarkable Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC 2016) followed by a nice holiday with my family in France and Spain. Read more

    Sustainability & Information Bias

    Monisha asked me a couple of weeks back if I could write a new blog with deadline first week of June. Huh? I thought I wrote my previous blog only 2 days ago… Read more

    Availability Heuristic

    At the moment of starting to write this blog, I am in the worst week of the year and it was not even week 13! There were terrible, terrible terror attacks in Istanbul, Ankara, Brussels and Lahore... Read more

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