8 Seconds Human or Gold Fish

    September 2015. Wow, time goes fast. It has been silent on the Dynamics Software newsletter front for some months. Read more

    New Year Resolutions and Selling Illusions

    Thank you for reading my new blog. Although some might have forgotten, I hope you all had a great time during Christmas and New Year. I personally had a great time, it was the first time since years I scheduled a week off and enjoyed it very much. Read more

    Traditions, Discrimination and Cognitive Dissonance

    December 2014 – Traditions, Discrimination and Cognitive Dissonance Thank you for reading our December 2014 newsletter. Another wonderful year (yes, best year ever again) almost at its end and another one which will never come back. Read more

    Change is the only constant

    Thank you for reading our September 2014 newsletter. In this newsletter we announce very interesting videos which we have filmed with Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing & Services Industries Directors Gil Garcia and Ted Kempf, respectively. Read more

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