Sunk Cost Fallacy, Always Free

    I am happy to see that more Dynamics Software colleagues are writing with digital pens, share experiences and create nice and informative stories. Read more

    Productivity Paradox

    The first blog I am writing since a remarkable Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC 2016) followed by a nice holiday with my family in France and Spain. Read more

    Sustainability & Information Bias

    Monisha asked me a couple of weeks back if I could write a new blog with deadline first week of June. Huh? I thought I wrote my previous blog only 2 days ago… Read more

    Availability Heuristic

    At the moment of starting to write this blog, I am in the worst week of the year and it was not even week 13! There were terrible, terrible terror attacks in Istanbul, Ankara, Brussels and Lahore... Read more

    Celebrating a decade in ERP

    Recently a collection of several of Eric Veldkamp's blogs written over the years, which touch upon many milestones in Dynamics Software’s journey in the world of ERP over the last decade, were published as a book. Read more


    Thank you for reading our November 2015 newsletter & blog. If you need to write something in November there are a lot of interesting topics to write about. Read more

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