eXtreme and Texas Sharpshooter

    eXtreme is the theme. Why? Doing normal is not the norm anymore. It seems everything has to go faster, further, better, higher, cheaper, eXtremer than before Read more

    1 Day Fly and Zero Risk

    Welcome back! It feels like our last newsletter was published ages ago. In reality it was only 3 (very exciting) months back. Read more

    Advancing Technologies

    For those who read our newsletters and follow us on social media, they notice that we release solutions on a very regular basis. Read more

    Argument from Ignorance - Yeah Right!

    Spring is in the air, at least in our region. 2 years ago I wrote about April 1, fool’s day. April 1 means that spring is in the air for a while. Read more

    Bullxxxx and Business Applications

    It is now 2017 in the lunisolar Chinese calendar as well. 2017, the year of the Rooster. I hope the content of this newsletter excites you all. Read more

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