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    The era of BIG numbers is continuing. In my June 2018 blog, I already wrote about big numbers and big data, mentioned Microsoft’s market capitalization and predicted that the Azure Cloud financial figures probably would look great. It was not so difficult to predict that, and it was even an understatement as headlines proved after Microsoft announced their financial... Read more

    Trust: the currency of big data sustainability

    Another June, another fiscal year-end for Microsoft. I look forward to seeing Microsoft’s financial results. Not because I am a shareholder (I’m not), which I regret given the fact that Microsoft surpassed Alphabet’s market capitalization on May 29th this year. I trust that the financial figures of Azure cloud services will look great, although Microsoft will probably... Read more

    eXtreme and Texas Sharpshooter

    eXtreme is the theme. Why? Doing normal is not the norm anymore. It seems everything has to go faster, further, better, higher, cheaper, eXtremer than before. I am in the Microsoft business for 15 years now and heard at the most recent conference that there has never been a better time to partner with Microsoft. This is what I have heard for 15 years and it is probably... Read more

    Elusive creative genius fishing!

    This blog is not about phishing emails, DDos attacks or other popular hack methods. By continuing reading everything you just read happened in the past. Since people spent less time on reading you see more and more the average reading time being mentioned at the top of an article. You can then decide quickly if you want to read it, have time to read it now, later... Read more

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