In the Utility industry today, there are significant changes around the globe in the areas of policy, technology and customer needs. Delivering safe, reliable, low cost energy for economic use using smart, innovative technology and future proof solutions is high on the radar of most providers.

    New technologies make it possible to meet many of the challenges and bring new opportunities. Utility companies have their work cut out in terms of planning, operating and managing their increasingly complex and challenging business. Productivity, reliability, safety, customer experience, compliance, and revenue management are key areas of focus. The Internet of Things (IoT), brings with it the need and opportunity to sense, analyze and act upon massive volumes of data.  

    To stay competitive, the Utility industry must transform themselves into fully digital enterprises. Dynamics Utility offers customers a solution to optimize productivity and enable the automation of back-office processes.

    Dynamics Utility

    The utilities market is rapidly changing. The introduction of smart meters, retailers selling in-home devices, value added services that ... More


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