Professional Services

    Professional services is one of the world’s fastest-growing industry segments—one that faces highly specific challenges. A single project can require compliance with multiple regulations and policies. Customers expect a far greater range of services, along with faster timelines and tighter budgets that leave little room for enhancing quality and innovation. To maintain profitability and compete in a global business environment, professional services firms need solutions that integrate information from across the organization; connect internal team members, clients, and external partners across a dispersed network; and drive increased efficiency for services and internal processes.

    It is vital for professional services organizations to keep tight control over the costs. To achieve this, they need real-time insight into the progress of a project, its budget consumption and the resources it uses.

    Dynamics Software offers proven solutions for Professional Services which include:

    Dynamics Service

    In challenging economic and competitive climates it is easy to view service as a cost center and to cut back the tools and infrastructure necessary to support service business growth. In order to meet... More

    Dynamics Projects

    The project manager can rely on permanent, up-to-date access to all expenditure and revenue in a project. From dashboard level down to transaction level, you can analyse where... More


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