Become a partner

    How to become a Strategic Partner of Dynamics Software

    Some steps to take

    If you want to start reselling our solutions the first step is to get acquainted with our business solutions. You can subscribe to one of our webinars or you can contact us ( for an entry level demonstration of our software portfolio. Please include a description of your company, expressing the interest in which solutions / products and vertical industries you serve / would like to focus on.

    A second step is to sign up with our Power Partner Agreement (on public or OEM basis). We require you to train at least 2 of your resources and you can start selling and implementing our solutions. Please check for possibilities for pre-sales and implementation assistance.

    Work towards becoming an Authorized Reseller

    As a certified partner you will get access to our Power Partner Lounge, a one stop shop for all you needs in to resell and support our products, such as partner news and various downloads. For issue logging we offer our partners a helpdesk and/or support agreement.

    We offer various current Microsoft demo VPC's of Hyper-V's for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, AX 2009 and AX 2012 including our solutions. These demo environments are setup with complete demo data and serve as a good foundation for training and creating a custom demos.

    Beyond becoming a certified and strategic Dynamics Software partner, you can work towards becoming an Authorized Reseller and get the CfMD benefits. (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solution reseller)

    • Use of the CfMD logo on marketing and campaign materials
    • Use Microsoft CfMD press release templates
    • Be Highlighted in the Dynamics Solution Finder.
    • Arrange marketing campaigns together with Microsoft (please ask for the conditions)

    Dynamics Software's ultimate dream is to conduct business without barriers. Therefore we also offer possibilities for exclusivity in verticals or possibilities for OEM and private labels in verticals.