What is Partnering with Dynamics Software?

    Partnering Power is the theme of Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conferences. Powerful Partnership for Dynamics Software means that two or more parties work together towards shared and/or compatible objectives with shared authority and responsibility.

    A partnership with Dynamics Software is built by joint investment of time and resources and is based on shared risks and benefits. The Partner Agreement sets out the terms to create mutual revenue and profit. Ultimately the Dynamics Software Partners use our solutions as strategic part of their solution offering, not just as another portfolio product.

    Dynamics Software Partnering Program

    The Dynamics Software Partner program is designed to realize business growth and a more ‘joyful’ life. When you ask our successful strategic partners what the key to their results was, they will reply, “Others who helped me”. Our Partner Program is leveraging or ‘borrowing’ scarce resources to meet new or changing clients’ needs and reach new markets, with new products or services. Dynamics Software is adding value and expands partners respective set of offerings and services and at the same time reducing their costs in product development and product delivery.

    Our Partner Program is built on achieving together what one cannot be achieved alone and with the mentoring philosophy in mind: gaining expertise and knowledge and learn from each other. Dynamics Software as Partner allows you to focus on your areas of strength, interest, and passion and provides common ground for a perfect Dynamics Duo in order to being associated with other highly successful business people enhances image and reputation.

    Dynamics Software Partnering Program supports you to:

    • Improve customer satisfaction with shorter implementation cycles using standard software
    • Shorten the sales cycle with the same standard software solutions
    • Maximize your capacity with standard software solutions that minimize customizations
    • Increase your competitive position with standard software solutions or components for Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Convert industry challenges into business benefits for you and your customers
    • Enhance, easily configure and deliver solutions that will help grow your business as they are all written in a familiar environment
    • To build on the foundation of several successful Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations

    If you are looking for a partner, seek the following with your partner:

    • Those who can fulfill a business need you have, particularly in an area that is not your strength or interest;
    • Those who can help you increase your sales and reach;
    • Those who can provide support and accountability to help you grow.

    Often, Partners provide products and/or services that are complimentary to yours, and target the same market that you do. They may also be established in markets that are new to you, which will in turn allow you to expand your offerings. Dynamics Software amplifies businesses by offering solutions that help you speed up and make your implementations more predictable. Further, Dynamics Software embodies this by being responsive, open and sincere. Knowing and respecting (potential) partners and thinking about what’s in it for them, us and me. We encourage partners to cross promote solutions by product swap and bundling Dynamics Software solutions into partners’ vertical.

    In today’s (Microsoft Dynamics) world there is a growing complexity to survive. How do you follow the speed of innovation? And what about the famous concept of ‘Integrated Innovation’?  Last but not least the customer’s learning curve is at the same or a higher page as you are. The new Microsoft Partner Network forces you to focus on individual skills with 7 key roles. It requires higher organizational capabilities and a (better) vertical market approach. There will be (much more) focus on customer add’s  and (more) professionalism!

    Becoming a Dynamics Software strategic partner helps you in overcoming these challenges. Please remember that “You can get anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar