CfMD Requirements

    For customers, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) represents a significant step in the delivery of solutions which meet Microsoft’s highest standards to address their business needs.

    There are 3 solution specific requirements:

    • Solution must pass the compatibility and development standards test “Software Solution test for Microsoft Dynamics 365”
    • Solution must have a minimum of ten customer references associated with the a version of the Solution (customers must be on the current tested Microsoft Dynamics version or one version prior)
    • Solution must be profiled in Solution Profiler as a “Software Offering” only, and profiled for the specific Product line

    And there are 2 organizational requirements:

    • ISV must be a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program; and
    • ISV must be on a Partner Service Plan for Microsoft Dynamics. This requirement will be replaced by Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology certification as of July 1st, 2010.

    What are the main components that are being tested?

    The Software Solution Test tests a.o. following areas of requirements

    • Development (the solutions is programmed according to the programming requirements of Microsoft)
    • User Assistance and Documentation (each form should include help about the main functionality of that form. Each solution must have an detailed implementation guide)
    • User Experience and Usability (the application must comply with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 users experience guidelines
    • Reporting, Translation, Localization, Technology, Configuration, and Platform should follow the Microsoft standards
    • Technology, configuration and platform
    • Install, Setup, Backup and Restore procedures should be documented for partners and customers
    • Extensibility and Customization (how the extend and customize the solution should be documented)
    • Upgrade and Maintenance